Visiting Ontario PArks

Get the best Ontario Parks experience during your stay by reserving your daily vehicle permit to skip the line and the worry!

Imagine packing your family into your car to have a beach day at one of the Ontario Parks, taking the time to drive there, and then getting turned away because the park is at capacity...

We offer one Ontario Parks Pass for each suite, that you can use to reserve your spot for the day at Sandbanks or any other local provincial park up to five days in advance.

Reserving your spot in the park will ensure you aren't turned away, and it speeds up the line to get in.

Neale - August 2022


Sandbanks and North Beach are both about 35 minutes away by car, mostly through the beautiful Prince Edward County, and the place comes with a complimentary pass to the beaches. Make sure you reserve your parking spots in advance of your trips to the beach or you will be turned away. Information to reserve your parking spots can be found on the Ontario Provincial parks website. Sharon is a great host. She responded within minutes of any query we had, and is really friendly -- and helpful.

How to Book In Advance

Use the complimentary park pass we offer to book your visit to the Ontario Parks in advance!

Using the seasonal vehicle permit’s serial number, you can secure your spot up to five days in advance at no cost to you. Remember to bring your confirmation AND your seasonal permit when you visit.

Just like daily vehicle permits, accessing a park with a seasonal permit is subject to park capacity limits. Plan your visit with confidence by obtaining a daily vehicle permit in advance.

Learn how to book your spot by following the steps in the blog linked below!

Mike - September 2023


The building is full of historical charm and Sharon has done an amazing job of making the space feel inviting and cozy. She has included many thoughtful details such as the pet accessories, the welcome basket and the provincial park pass. Being so close to the shops, restaurants, walking trails, and entertainment venues is a real benefit.


Have questions about Wind Rose Suites? Here are the basics!

How far away is Sandbanks Provincial Park?

Sandbanks Provincial Park is a 30-40 minute drive away from Wind Rose Suites.

How far away is North Beach Provincial Park?

North Beach Provincial Park is a 30-40 minute drive away from Wind Rose Suites.

Why should I reserve my spot in advance?

Your reservation ensures that when you arrive at Sandbanks that you will not be turned away at the gate due to the park being at capacity. You don't want to pack the car, get your group excited about going and then be turned away, so don't forget to reserve your dates!

Are the Provincial Parks usually busy enough to turn you away if you don't have an advanced reservation?

During the busy summer months when it's hot and sunny, the park is usually at capacity very early, so the best thing you can do is to book in advance, and with the passes we offer, you don't have to pay to access the park.

Is there anything I need to know about the Parks Pass?

We offer the use of our park passes as a perk of staying with us. It's important to us that our guests enjoy their time in the area, so we encourage everyone to make use of all that we have to offer.

Please leave the park pass in the suite where you found it when you leave, to avoid being charged a replacement fee.

Manny - September 2022


Communication was spot on, the space was well laid out, and the location was central to everything. Sharon even provided us with a guest pass to the beach, and a welcome basket with lots of goodies!