Pet Friendly Protocols

We offer two pet-friendly suites for you and your furry family member!

We know it's hard to leave your pets behind when you're on vacation, so we offer two suites where you can stay with your pets!

If you’re bringing your pet along with you, please mark them down as an extra guest.

We’ve created a friendly space for them in our suites so they’ll be comfortable spending time with you while you’re here! ​

We want to make sure that you, your pet and other guests are comfortable, so we have a few rules for travelling with your furry friend.

Lee - September 2021 - Wind Rose 30


The shower is enormous, and includes a low tap that was helpful for bathing our small dog after she got filthy at the beach. We were also able to get our dog into a local doggy daycare, which made it much easier to explore Prince Edward County.

Pet Friendly Suites at Wind Rose

We've created spaces to welcome your pets while you're here!

Wind Rose 22

This suite is best for a small family travelling with their pet! With one queen bed, a twin trundle bed (two twin beds), and a sofa bed in the living room, you've got many sleeping options for humans, and we provide a small bed for your pet to sleep on too!

Wind Rose 30

This suite is best for a larger family, with room to sleep up to eight people, and your furry friend! There is a dedicated space under the TV with a large bed that has gates if your pet feels more comfortable in a closed space.

Our Pet Policies

We're happy to host you and your pets while you stay in Belleville. Because of some issues in the past, we have created some policies to follow to ensure that you, your pet, and other guests have a comfortable stay.

  • Upon arrival please let your dog go to the bathroom outside before bringing them into the suite. Make sure you clean up after your pet and dispose of it properly.

  • Dogs barking inside frequently or for extended periods is not acceptable and you must tell them to be quiet. We know all dogs bark occasionally, but it is your responsibility to control your dog and ignoring them until they stop is not an option.

  • Bring a blanket and toys for your pets.

  • The white towels in the bathroom are for humans only, there are some coloured towels in the front closet for dogs and cats and muddy feet.

  • Please report any accidents so I can ensure they are cleaned up properly and do not encourage future guest’s pets to pee there.

  • There are guests staying at the flat below so dogs should not be unaccompanied or off leash outside or on the patio below or in the parking lot under any circumstances (you don't want them to get lost in a new city, so its safest to keep them on leash apart from at a fenced in dog park).

  • If your pets shed a lot of hair, there are vacuum cleaners in the closets by the door and in the back bedroom. We appreciate you cleaning up before leaving.

  • Dogs must not be left on their own for any length of time. It is an unfamiliar place to them and even the best behaved dogs at home may be uncomfortable and misbehave while you're away.

  • No pets on the furniture unless they are on your own blankets that you have brought. Please do not let them sleep on the beds.

  • Do not allow your pet to scratch furniture or walls or chew on the on anything besides their own toys.

  • Use the designated pet bowls in the kitchen, not the human bowls.

  • The litter box must be cleaned out before you leave and any pet waste must be double bagged and taken outside and put in the garbage bins provided.

Dog Parks Nearby

Take your dog to any of these parks to let them roam safely, have fun and get some exercise!

11 Bay Bridge Rd, Belleville, ON K8P 3P6, Canada

East Zwick's Dog Park

A four acre all fenced in dog park with secure two way entrance and an additional small dog park.

169 Creswell Dr, Trenton, ON K8V 3H4, Canada

Kinsmen Dog Park

A two acre fenced in park with a water station for thirsty dogs, ​located right next to Hannah Park!

Lalor St, Picton, ON K0K 2T0, Canada

Prince Edward Dog Park

The dog park is a large fenced in green space with a double gate entrance and has two free parking lots!

Conservation Areas and Trails

A great on-leash walk with your dogs! Beautiful trails to discover the outdoors! Stay on the trail to lessen the risk of getting ticks.

2061 Old Highway 2, Belleville, ON K8N 4Z2, Canada

Potter's Creek Conservation Area

Approximately 7 km of trails throughout a diverse terrain of orchards, meadows, forest, and shoreline. This area consists of two separate trail networks on the north and south sides of Old Hwy 2.

Prince Edward, ON K8N 4Z7, Canada

Massassauga Point Conservation Area

​A 4 km trail network winding along the Bay of Quinte that will take hikers through a bur oak savanna and mixed terrain of forests, limestone outcroppings, and alvar plains.

760 Trenton Frankford Road, Quinte West, Trenton, ON K8V 5P6, Canada

Bleasdell Boulder Conservation Area

Bleasdell Boulder is over two stories tall. It is 3.4 metres long, 7.3 metres wide and 6.7 metres high. It’s truly a sight to behold in person, and it’s the main attraction of this 1.5km easy loop trail.

Restaurants and Cafes

Discover places in Belleville you can take your pets with you to eat, or grab something to take out and enjoy at a park!

34 Dundas St E, Belleville, ON K8N 1B6, Canada

The Brake Room

If you love bikes, coffee, and travelling with your furry friend, check out the Brake Room while you're here! Pets are welcome.

1 S Front St, Belleville, ON K8N 5K7, Canada

​The Pier Patio

Reviews suggest that your pet can join you while you eat on the patio! Best practice is to call ahead to ensure there is space.

32 S Front St, Belleville, ON K8N 2Y3, Canada

The Boathouse

This restaurant allows you to enjoy the waterfront and dine with your dog (on leash) on the Front East Patio in the summertime!


Bring your pet to these wineries!

1920 Fish Lake Rd, Picton, ON K0K 2T0, Canada

Three Dog Winery​

One of the best patios in Prince Edward County. Great wine, unbeatable views, no reservations required.​

17598 Loyalist Pkwy, Wellington, ON K0K 3L0, Canada

Sandbanks Winery

Sandbanks Estate Winery offers a tasting room & boutique, unique tasting experiences, large outdoor picnic area.

2274 Prince Edward County Rd 1, Bloomfield, ON K0K 1G0, Canada

Huff Estates Winery

An outdoor seating area is open May to October, to sit back, relax and listen to live music on Sundays in summer!


Check out these pet-friendly cideries!

1633 County Rd 3, Carrying Place, ON K0K 1L0, Canada

Apple Falls Cider Company

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree at Apple Falls Cider! Amelia, one of the owners of Apple Falls Cider is the daughter of the owners at Campbells Orchards, where apples for their cider are sourced!

657 Bongards Crossroad, Picton, ON K0K 2T0, Canada

The County Cider Company

If you're looking for a popular patio restaurant with delicious al fresco dining at its best you've come to the right place. Enjoy wood fired pizzas & more with a glass of your favourite cider or local beer and wine. ​

890 Danforth Rd, Hillier, ON K0K 2J0, Canada

Loch Mór Cider Company

You know what is better than having a cider in a tasting room? Enjoying cider with food. During the summer season, Loch Mór offers light bites sourced from local farms and producers to pair with cider!


Try a local beer and BYOD - Bring Your Own Dog!

266 Wellington Main St, Wellington, ON K0K 3L0, Canada

Midtown Brewing Company

Featuring a taproom, restaurant and retail store, as well as The Shop at Midtown, a store selling fresh produce and other items from local farms and producers.

876 County Rd 49, Picton, ON K0K 2T0, Canada

Parson's Brewing Company

Filled with memorable characters, and reflecting the many quirks of County life, every beer reveals a unique history. Crafted authentically, brewed sustainably and shared passionately.​

13 Macsteven Dr, Picton, ON K0K 2T0, Canada

Prince Eddy's Brewing Co.

​We also have a brand new patio with a beach volleyball court, outdoor kitchen and stage for live music. The perfect place to enjoy our ultimate summer beers.


Have questions about Wind Rose Suites? Here are the basics!

Is there an extra fee to travel with a pet?

We consider your pet an extra guest, as we know that your pet is like family to you. We've provided some things to make your pet more comfortable like pet bowls, pet towels, pet beds etc.

Are there more places I can bring my dog with me to visit other than the ones you've suggested above?

The restaurants, cafes, breweries, wineries etc that I have suggested usually have spaces you can enjoy with your pet, but the best way to find out if you can bring your pet to a place you're planning to go is to call ahead before you go.

There are also local pet daycares if you're going to be gone for the day to let them have fun and socialize while you're exploring the region.

What should I pack for my pet if I am travelling with them?

We supply small bowls and pet towels to wipe their feet when they come in, Wind Rose 30 has a larger bed, and Wind Rose 22 has a smaller dog bed. You're welcome to bring their own bed if they will be more comfortable with something from home.

Some things that you should bring for your pet are their food, their favourite treats, larger bowls(if needed), harness, collar, leash, muzzle (if needed), their pet carrier, waste bags, dog seatbelts, medicine and grooming supplies. For a cat you will also want to bring a scratching post, litter and anything you need listed above.